Broadcast queue report is now powered by the ScheduleInterpreter® Flow

May 3, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

ScheduleInterpreter® platform is starting to receive the updates from the Flow, as a part of the multi-year upgrade plan. Flow includes both, new backend code and components and updated interface. To test this in the working environment, Broadcast queue report has been updated. The report is being used by the LSPs to manage communication and notifications. This is a simple report offering list of assignments that are pending review process before being delivered to the qualified linguists. The new interface include several major improvements:

  • More space to see the content and no need to scroll. Controls on the right side of the table are replaced with right click of a mouse anywhere.
  • Content-aware contextual menu with all available options.
  • Quick search allows to filter the entire list across all columns.
  • Faster column sorting.
  • Column width resizing.
  • Auto freeze for checkbox and ID columns to simplify horizontal scrolling.
  • Non-intrusive, disappearing notifications and confirmations.
  • Intelligent copy CTRL + C of the content for pasting into MS Excel.

Update does not require additional configuration and can be used effective immediately.