Vendor profile audit report - improves operations, equity and inclusion compliance with forensic level of details

April 12, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Managing interpreting services and interpreters is a complex task. It is exponentially harder to track and maintain changes in profiles of interpreters with project managers, HR personnel and operational teams often working hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. Vendor profile audit report is a tool developed by ScheduleInterpreter® team to assist its subscribers with identifying and tracking changes in vendors' profiles. It offers forensic level of details and brings ability to produce detailed reports for 3rd party reviewers or auditors. Audit reports are not available in any other platform or solution. in additions, vendor profile audit can be used by the enterprises to address complex topics of equity and inclusion compliance.

Vendor profiles to offer full audit capabilities

April 3, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Vendor center was updated to provide full tracking of the changes in vendor profiles. This update enables future integration with report center to allow review of the vendor profile. All updates are preserved indefinitely.