ScheduleInterpreter® VDO on any device

September 25, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

We knew this day will come and with development spanned across nearly 14 months, we are now releasing the latest version of ScheduleInterpreter® VDO. Mobile devices and remote work were two factors defining the development.  With updates, VDO sessions now work on any mobile device and offer HD video and sound.

We now have end-to-end encryption, a very important factor for healthcare and legal interpreting. Branding is as important as the interpreting itself. The update provides collection of options including custom and blurred background, as well as using the desktop as a background. With changes brought by COVID-19 ScheduleInterpreter® VDO can be used for remote training sessions for interpreters and translators. Now you can create and conduct a quick poll, right within the training session. Extra layer of protection now provides the owner or moderator of the session with ability to allow to decline the attendance of a specific individual. Finally, any mobile device can now use ScheduleInterpreter® VDO. This enables any language service provider, hospital or court to bring interpreter into any room within a matter of seconds by texting or e-mailing the invitation.  No apps and no logins are required.