Creating big data standards for on-site interpreting

September 25, 2015 - Reading time: 2 minutes

As language service providers (LSP) use or consider using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to run their operations, questions of standardizing not just processes, but also content become more prevalent.

Recent updates to ScheduleInterpreter® enable project managers and schedulers to categorize interpreting assignments using classes.  The benefits of this addition to the scheduling process are far reaching. Classification further improves vendor selection process, giving language professional an opportunity to properly respond to the job offer. Ability to utilize such categories and classes throughout the life cycle of an assignment provides more robust reporting and analysis options. For organizations with plans to expand their operations or join another LSP, standardized data collection helps to streamline mergers and  acquisitions. There are dozens or even hundreds more professional and creative ways of utilizing this information., Inc. is planning to migrate within six to nine months from widely used, manually entered description of the assignment into standardized classification.  Financial statements, reports, invoices as well as tools to integrate with 3rd party products will be updated to accommodate the changes.

Current classification structure was proposed and implemented using input from multiple LSPs and offers great starting point., Inc. will retain control over structure of the categories and classes. The naming process for both will also remain under control of the company. Proposals to add new categories and classes can be submitted to, Inc. Each proposal will undergo review process within 2 - 3 weeks and, if accepted, published., Inc. would like to thank Paul Tracy and Jennifer Maloney of Partners Interpreting, LLC, a Massachusetts-based all purpose American Sign Language service provider for their support and sharing extensive knowledge.

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