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June 18, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes, Inc. and Flawless Analytics introduce set of tools aiming to simplify the process of designing custom dashboards in ScheduleInterpreter® platform. The tools come as an extension to ScheduleInterpreter® Docs and offer development "swimlane" with sub tasks in  ScheduleInterpreter® Engage, making the process highly interactive and well documented. Docs and Engage are members of the Portfolio services offered by, Inc. to its subscribers. Design tools are available immediately.


At the core of every design process is the need of the executive and management teams to visualize the data in a highly compressed, yet informative layout. To ensure the quality of the end product, each design process is guided by ScheduleInterpreter® business analyst, helping the team members to make decision on the general layout, panels and types of charts. The choice of colors and customizable tooltips are available, providing the user with detailed description of each chart, while keeping the look of the dashboard clear and focused.

The new set of tools are directly integrated into ScheduleInterpreter® Docs. Their use simplifies the design by offering visual, easy to read elements with necessary parameters and "snap-in-place" design options, further improving the speed and accuracy of the design.

Flawless Analytics tools for ScheduleInterpreter Docs

Design Review

This process is enhanced by the entries from the business analyst who works on each component and ensures it is well documented. Every dashboard receives thorough review, collecting design notes and commentaries. One of the aspects of Flawless Analytics dashboards is interactivity. Content presented on the screen can be quickly changed by selecting alternative source of data, for example, an account or language, or navigation tools can be used to zoom on data region within specific chart. The resulting design document provides clear and exhaustive definition of the upcoming dashboard.

Development and Implementation

After design is completed and all production notes are reviewed, the process is moving into ScheduleInterpreter® Engage, where new swimlane is set and ScheduleInterpreter® data analyst, together with members of the executive and management teams, completes the development process in collaborative environment. ScheduleInterpreter® Engage offers onscreen and e-mail notifications on tasks progress and offers VDO room, a place where all parties can host a virtual meeting for face to face interaction. VDO room offers unlimited number of the participants with HD video and sound. Built-in screen sharing is used to reveal content to all participants. Multiple participants can share their screens at the same time, making collaboration more effective.

With process of design being fully documented, ScheduleInterpreter® team works in a close relationships with all participating members to develop and deliver the most unique and cutting-edge analytics in the shortest possible time. 

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