Dash symbol is now allowed in vendor's business name

April 16, 2024 - Reading time: ~1 minute

We're excited to announce our latest update, allowing vendors to include the slash ("/") character in their business names. This small but significant change reflects our commitment to providing greater flexibility and customization for our users. Traditionally, the use of certain characters like the slash has been restricted due to technical limitations. However, with this update, vendors now have the freedom to accurately represent their brands and identities within our platform, whether it's "20/20 Cultural Consulting," "Smith & Bearding/Co.," or "Language Innovations/Services.By embracing the slash, we're not only enhancing the user experience but also improving the overall navigation within our platform. Vendors can easily search for and identify businesses with slash-containing names, reducing confusion and streamlining interactions. This update underscores our dedication to empowering our users and ensuring that our platform remains intuitive and user-friendly.