Flow - next generation interpreter management platform

October 11, 2023 - Reading time: 7 minutes

Flow, the new generation management platform starts to replace ScheduleInterpreter®. In October 2022 ScheduleInterpreter.com, Inc. started preparations for platform migration. Our roadmap was set to span across 30 months and we are now starting gradual migration of all our subscribers. It is a process both, complex and complicated, yet we believe new platform will reflect our vision and philosophy, and positively affect every enterprise and organization using ScheduleInterpreter® platform. Integration of the Flow components will completed using side-by-side integration, meaning older modules will continue to function together with new.


In 2019, ScheduleInterpreter.com, Inc. started extensive study of the platform usability. After nearly 3 years, we were able to identify core components that improve usability of the tools, reduce learning curve, and improve operational KPI. To help with migrations and after many planning sessions later, the core components were placed into the user interface research lab. Using hundreds of millions of data points, collected through Flawless Analytics integration, the concept of user experience was defined. Crafting high performance and very personal user interface that is both, friendly to a new as well as seasonal user of the platform, is a comprehensive task. We were unable to find off-the-shelf solution to use, and the process of developing  truly unique interface started around January 2023. Performance and scalability are vital components of the development, as our subscribers grew and continue to grow by multiple folds. Processes established 10 or event 5 years ago required different approach. Extensibility was given its own branch in R&D. Bringing new or extending existing features in the shortest possible time has been added to the development process.


Special attention has been given to the interface. Every single item went through scrupulous review. Using data collected over time, we were able to identify what is important to the user of the platform and how we can improve overall experience. To help our subscribers with transition, we preserved the layout and elements they are familiar with. Each element has been given an overhaul to utilize the latest technology available. All features work on any platform and in any browser.

While working on the control elements, we wanted to create a platform that helps to focus on a specific task. Many elements are highly interactive. All interactions take place only while using specific tool or completing a particular task. This helps to reduce the clutter and keep information highly readable and accessible.

We wanted to give all users of our platform the feeling it is their platform and they can design their very personal experience through customization of both, the layout and the content. A lot of effort was placed to make customization seamless and natural.

Many of our users shared their preferred color themes. To address these preferences, the Flow was designed to not just support the dark theme, but be naturally responsive to the setting of the operating system on different computer platforms. We meticulously build each element to be functional in light and dark theme, bringing user experience to another level.

We did not stop at the colors. Understanding how important the visual aspect of the platform is, we engaged professional designer to create a collection of unique icons to help easily identify tasks, actions or processes. With exceptional feedback from early adopters we know all these efforts were well worth the extra time and precision tuning.


Bringing new functionality to the platform is now much simpler and faster. Modular design employed in ScheduleInterpreter® today was given a massive upgrade. All modules follow centralized and well defined data governance. Adding new column to a report, new feature or action to a menu is now faster and easier. Well established review and approval processes in the Flow, enable rapid extension of the functionality. In some cases time can be reduced from weeks to days or even hours. No matter how fast the development is, it can only be part of the platform after extensive quality assurance review.


Flow is the only platform on the market built from ground up for extreme connectivity. No matter what tools our subscribers are using to complete their work, Flow will be able to communicate with all of them. Capitalizing on our extensive expertise in building integrated solutions, Flow offers manual and automated options for data exchange. An application programming interface (API) is a way for two or more platforms to communicate with each other. Flow foundation is rebuilt using API philosophy, making it the most connected platform on the market. Using modular approach, we open endless possibilities to integrate both, data streams and parts of the platform into third party tools and applications.


We know how important it is to dispatch the work to the linguists, who are located around the world. Flow continues with traditions established in ScheduleInterpreter® and is tightly integrated with On the Spot!, our mobile application for linguists. With new possibilities of adding any conference platform as a service delivery method, linguists can now join the session and provide interpreting services using any mobile device, adding more options and extending already reach capabilities.

To help interpreters organize their work, Flow enables custom configuration for each event. Such approach creates highly controlled environment defined by the service requesting entity, validated by the service provider and perfectly executed by the interpreter. Data collected using processes established in the Flow is highly accurate and requires less validation and QA. This in return may result in improving overall performance and operational efficiency.

Performance and Capacity

Our goal has always been to bring more speed and capabilities to our users. In the Spring of 2023, ScheduleInterpreter® introduced REPORT CENTER 2.0, the first module developed using Flow methodology. The core of the module allows rapid updates and changes by the development team. Since initial rollout, our team added over 20 different reports, also functioning as a data source for infinite number of reports. REPORT CENTER 2.0 is the only reporting tool in the interpreting industry that enables authorized users to create custom layouts and with access to big data produce statistical analysis previously accessible only through expensive third-party solutions. As of today, the largest report generated while testing the module, produced nearly two million records with over 50 columns of data each. Using the same data governance principles of the Flow, reports now can be shared across the platform without the worries of accidental data disclosure.

When to expect new modules

With initial target set to November 6, 2023 new tests suggest parts of platform might be released as early as October 16, 2023. As mentioned above, we will continue to utilize side-by-side release allowing current and new functionality to co-exist.