Journal 3.0 is released as beta

May 29, 2022 - Reading time: 7 minutes

Journal 3.0 is out to all subscribers with wealth of new features. ScheduleInterpreter® team spent extra time to work on user interface, paving the way for what is coming to other modules of the platform.

There are power tools everyone loves and uses all the time. ScheduleInterpreter® Journal is the second most used feature of the platform.  It contains detailed entries for each interpreting assignment in chronological order.  Users of the platform can add entries to the Journal. The entries can be used in report center, communication center and financial module.

Personalized and informative

New Journal layout offers personalized badges containing image or initials of the person, classification icon to quickly identify the type of entry, full name of the person and, when entry is made by the customer, name of the customer's account. Linguists are now listed with their state of residency and full list of their profile tags.


Any entry in the Journal 3.0 can be prioritized.  Financial note or response of a vendor, customer feedback or automated entry collected by On the Spot! application. Once prioritized, the entry stays on top of the list, helping management team clearly see the priorities of each assignment.

Private and secure

To help our subscribers protect their information Privacy mode is built into the Journal 3.0.  With a single click of a mouse all information on the screen becomes unreadable.  Privacy mode makes working remotely or having non-authorized person in the room more secure. There is no need to hide applications, close and re-open the browser.

Powerful and flexible

With Journal 3.0 members of the management team, linguists and authorized representatives of the clients can create manual entries containing text and images. New powerful tools help to emphasize important parts of the entry and add an image resulting from a screen capture or uploaded from a device. Manually added entries can now be edited by their authors.


Improving navigation, collection of tools helps management team bring important entries into focus fast. Quick search, Show entries, People, Sort entries and Availability come with use indicators, clearly showing what tool is used to display information in the Journal.

Smart and self-learning

ScheduleInterpreter® is learning from its users. For example, when order of the items is changed, the next assignment in the Journal will display items using the same order, helping individualize personal experience of each user.


Journal 3.0 brings new messaging feature. Every time change affecting an entry is made, a message confirming the change is shown on screen for short period of time, providing interactive feedback.

With release of the Journal 3.0. ScheduleInterpreter® continues to lead the industry with specialty tools. Language service providers, courts, state and federal governments, and healthcare providers can continue to deliver language services now in highly collaborative environment.

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