Multiple updates to various modules of the platform

September 11, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

This week starts with number of important updates across multiple modules in ScheduleInterpreter®. New option preventing interpreters to accept the assignment using On the Spot!, when it overlaps with another assignments on their schedule. This can be activated and deactivated using CONTOL CENTER. Members of the administrative team can add non-service expenses in the REVIEW CENTER when assignment was flagged as cancel billable. Option to display only account or sub account name on the calendar. REVIEW CENTER was updated with option to add name of the 3rd party billable account and the consumer name. Vendors excluded from the list of approved or preferred in the CONSUMER CENTER are now showing under NO MATCH tab in the ASSIGNMENT CONTROL CENTER. Few bugs were addressed, including surcharges configuration for vendor only conditions is now correctly shown in vendors' profiles, cancelled billable assignments now include non-service charges, when corresponding cancellation policy has been configured accordingly. Option to clear all records in the Journal report was added. For organizations offering half day and full day services, billing based on hourly rate now has the rule to round down the cents that may have resulted when half or full day rate is divided by the number of hours ends with half cent value.