ScheduleInterpreter® brings enterprise class analytics and BI to interpreting management

July 20, 2021 - Reading time: 6 minutes, Inc. and Flawless Analytics (FA) completed integration of the analytical and business intelligence (BI) tools into ScheduleInterpreter® platform.

State of the market

Most of the enterprise tools producing visual representation of the big data, such as Tableau or Power BI, often require expensive subscription plans and an analyst to configure, design and implement processes to convert datasets into visual content. Such outsourced implementation comes with number of challenges as well. Allowing specific groups of users access data designated to them, known as role-based data access, and transferring sensitive information to a third party are two to start with.

One of the advantages of using dashboards is the ability to quickly review and analyze complex data sets. On-line forums are full of discussions on how to share resulting dashboards with customers. They all ultimately leading to the only secure option of buying more licenses and customizing each user's settings. This turns analytics and BI sharing into a costly and resource demanding project of its own.

Until now, none of the interpretation or translation management platforms powering language industry offered built-in analytics and BI tools. Integration with third party products does not exist or is build by organizations internally.

Lack of robust tools, security concerns, complexity of configuration and maintenance, and escalating cost of ownership prevent language service providers (LSPs) and organizations offering language services to implement and benefit from the real-time analytics and business intelligence.

Flawless Analytics

Flawless Analytics provides Analytics as a Service (AaaS) and offers both, integrated and stand-alone solutions, with focus on the language industry.

Started in November of 2018 as a moonshot project to create set of tools to visualize the utilization of language services, Flawless Analytics evolved into a robust solution that makes analytics and BI for language industry simple and accessible. Targeting primarily enterprise customers, healthcare networks and government institutions, company offers subscription to a collection of ready to be used dashboards, dramatically reducing the cost of ownership.

Analytics and BI in ScheduleInterpreter®

In late 2019, after extensive work on Flawless Analytics has been completed, the process of integration with ScheduleInterpreter® has begun. With expertise, Inc. developed while managing thousands of customer accounts and users, the security and data access rights were solved outside of Flawless Analytics. This presented an opportunity to deliver radically new and previously unavailable analytics and BI services to the language industry. In the process of integration, several customers of ScheduleInterpreter® were given early access and provided invaluable feedback.

In April 2021 integration was completed and first dashboards were released to ScheduleInterpreter® subscribers. Dashboards offer various metrics, from staff and vendors KPIs, to real-time monitoring of over the phone (OPI) and video (VRI) interpreting services. Logistics is becoming increasingly crucial for all LSPs and organizations relying on ability to fill the requests for service quickly and efficiently. Utilizing data supplied via On the Spot! mobile application, service providers can utilize logistics dashboard to improve time to fill (TTF). Flexibility and simplicity of integration enables ScheduleInterpreter® and Flawless Analytics to add custom dashboards in some cases within a 24 hours.

Advanced tools

Dashboards are collections of panels containing visual representation of the data. ScheduleInterpreter® subscribers can select, in-real time, how the data is presented in each panel, without affecting the view of other panels. Using the navigator they can zoom and scroll to specific time period. Results of visualization can be perceived and processed better when we can select the delivery format. ScheduleInterpreter® creates default layout, taking in consideration feedback received from its subscribers. The layout and data representation can be changed with a click of a button.

Sharing and providing data visualization to the customers or departments within any institution may require additional validation to avoid conflicting or incomplete information to affect the dashboards and charts. Using tools built into ScheduleInterpreter®, members of the administrative team can limit the scope of access or delay release of the data to the customer or internal departments.

For many years, ScheduleInterpreter® invested in building and enhancing its eco system of tools and applications. Integration of data from On the Spot!, a mobile application available for Google Android and Apple iOS powered devices, now brings logistics and reporting to subscribers of ScheduleInterpreter®.

Availability of logistics data may help to improve fulfillment rate and reduce the time required to manage requests, as management teams are now aware of interpreters' location.

What's next?

ScheduleInterpreter® and its subscribers already see the benefits of integration. JustOPI, the upcoming integrated solution to provide over the phone interpreting, is both, processed and billed automatically, and solution generates interactive dashboards powered by Flawless Analytics, giving LSPs, courts, healthcare networks and government agencies unprecedented level of control using large sets of data processed in real time.

Scheduled for late September 2021 analytics for QuickBooks will further enhance access to financial reporting by the operational teams., Inc. is working to integrate financial and operational data from translation management systems (TMS), helping LSPs to centralize reporting for all divisions.

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