Compliance Center update

January 19, 2016 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Latest update to ScheduleInterpreter® Compliance Center brings full reporting capabilities and allows interpreters manage their own compliance records and supporting documentation. Review and approval process remains in the hands of compliance officers, designated to ensure quality and accuracy of the information.

Since 2012, Inc. was working with its clients to improve the process of compliance. Delivering high quality ASL or foreign language interpreting services is no longer the only requirement to obtain new or keep current service contracts. Many healthcare networks, state and federal agencies, K-12 and other institutions require LSPs to provide and maintain compliance with number of requirements and standards.

In 2015 ScheduleInterpreter® was enhanced with redesigned from ground up, streamlined and optimized Compliance Center. Now, with updated reporting capabilities and reactivation of vendors’ portal, managing compliance becomes simpler and more accurate. Reducing time necessary to maintain compliance records is one of the benefits using Compliance Center and allowing vendors to manage their own records.

Both, vendors and members of LSP administrative team, can enter compliance records and upload supporting documentation. After compliance officer reviews and approves the entry, it becomes part of the vendor compliance profile. It can be matched against customer requirements and be used to ensure overall organization compliance.

Compliance report now lists all vendors and status of their compliance records. Indicating current, missing or expired records.

Latest updates help ScheduleInterpreter® to improve compliance process by linking compliance records with SmartID℠ and other reporting features. 2016 Spring updates will bring auditing capabilities to further empower LSPs with much needed features to meet ever-increasing demands and requirements of their customers.

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