Standby status enters production stage

April 2, 2023 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Standby status has recently been added to the ScheduleInterpreter® platform, and it's an important addition for both interpreters and clients. This new feature is designed to help manage interpreter resources with greater efficiency, and to provide better coverage for assignments that have been cancelled or completed in a shorter time than expected.

When an interpreter is put into standby status, it means that they are available to take on new assignments with similar requirements. This approach helps to improve fulfillment rate. Reassigning interpreter to another assignment with similar requirements, reduces the impact of the cancellation and helps to minimize costs.

One of the key benefits of standby status is that it provides a visual and categorized approach to managing interpreter resources. This makes it easy for clients to quickly identify available interpreters who are qualified to handle specific assignments, which can save time and improve the overall efficiency of the scheduling process.

Standby is an optional feature that can be activated in the CONTROL CENTER. It offers STANDBY broadcast mode, targeting specific group of interpreters and color coding in the calendar.