Stunning Rembrandt delivers 3.5x speed improvement

September 14, 2021 - Reading time: ~1 minute

Before we begin migration of ScheduleInterpreter® platform to Rembrandt framework, we had a chance to test the performance improvements it is designed to deliver. In the test environment about 3,000+ assignments were present in the different stage of completion and REVIEW CENTER was set to be the target.

After setting all configurations, we instructed our testing platform to utilize 10 users per second to request the data from the REVIEW CENTER for 5 minutes.  While we were impressed with overall performance, the picture truly shows how much of a difference Rembrandt will deliver.  The dark blue chart shows Goya framework and green shows the Rembrandt performance.

Noticeable factor is the scalability of the framework. On average, Goya never dipped below 1,600 ms while Rembrandt was very comfortable at 450 ms.  We had some limitations on the bandwidth of our internet connection set at 100Mb and both frameworks performed perfectly under these conditions with Rembrandt shining brightly.

Another important factor is scalability within the server.  Rembrandt allows much lower CPU and storage utilization and requires less power per user than Goya does. We are truly looking forward to begin the roll out and additional code optimization for the Rembrandt.