ScheduleInterpreter® VDO aims to replace traditional OPI in healthcare and courts

August 8, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Miami Beach, Florida, USA :: August 8, 2022 ::, Inc. announced today the release of the latest version of ScheduleInterpreter® VDO, a fully integrated framework to deliver remote interpreting services. The current release offers first-in-industry delivery of voice only and video remote interpreting without the need to use an application or login requirements. Removing such requirements positions ScheduleInterpreter® VDO as the only disruptive technology on the market to replace traditional OPI delivery methods. The process allows full data collection, enabling customer acquisition and post-service analytics.

The absolute majority of the appointments in healthcare and legal procedures in courts are pre-scheduled. Events managed using ScheduleInterpreter® and utilizing VDO offer to add an unlimited number of participants, including those who are not using the platform. Patients, linguists or providers, and judges are not required to maintain the calendar or set reminders. ScheduleInterpreter® Communication Center is responsible for keeping everyone up to date with notifications and reminders delivered via email and text message. ScheduleInterpreter® VDO replaces traditional OPI call-in numbers, conferencing of multiple calls, or the use of a dispatcher with an automatically delivered “join the call” message a few minutes before or right at the scheduled time of the appointment. The process is simple, requires no additional resources, and can be rolled out within minutes. Participants can join the call from their phones or computers, and enjoy crystal clear sound and high-quality video if their device is equipped with a camera.

ScheduleInterpreter® VDO is tightly integrated with the financial module of the platform, offering advanced functionality such as per-participant billing or fully automated invoices, and vendor compensation. The “pay-per-use” model provides substantial cost reduction for organizations relying on third-party telecommunication and telemedicine platforms with a per-seat subscription. 

About, Inc., Inc. is a pioneering technology provider for the language industry, located in Miami Beach, Florida, USA. The company offers ScheduleInterpreter® a subscription-based SaaS platform to manage interpreters and interpreting services, with advanced integration with platforms such as Oracle, Intuit QuickBooks, WorkDay, EPIC, and others. Primary subscribers of the platform are enterprise-class language service providers, healthcare networks, and court systems.

ScheduleInterpreter® VDO is a framework developed by, Inc. to deliver interpreting services using high-definition audio and video. The framework is also powering products in ScheduleInterpreter® portfolio family, providing secure and collaborative environment for ScheduleInterpreter® subscribers.

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